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June 3, 2010


Dear Friend of Clopton,


In an effort to answer questions from all interested parties, the following information has been compiled to accurately disseminate information to all of the stakeholders.


What is the cost savings through the use of a dean of students?


The following information relates to the loss of our HAWKS Program and the changes in administrative salaries and supervision of students for the Clopton Campus of The Pike County R-III (Clopton) School District for the 2010-2011 school year.




 (accounts for all coverage by staff)

Combined  Bldg. Administrative Salaries Elem./Jr.& Sr. High




























10-11 vs. 09-10






What is the connection between the HAWKS Program and the dean of students?


The HAWKS Program originated over a decade ago. Initially, Safe Schools Grant monies were awarded through the State of Missouri for the development of the program. Through the support and foresight of the many Pike County R-III School District School Boards, the direction of former principals Dallas V. Singer and Dale Miller, and through the current administrative team at Clopton, the HAWKS Program has received state recognition as a Showcase Program. This was the first program of its type in the tri-county area. Students received academic support, peer mediation experiences, and other support services through the many staff members that have worked in the program over the years. The state funds for the program were considered seed monies and decreased rapidly over the years. The program was gradually reduced to just the basic services that the district was committed to in an effort to create the most effective program for students for the least cost.


Many students have received support through this endeavor. The highest rate of students receiving services from the HAWKS staff is from grades five through eight.  During the first three quarters of the school year, there have been seven hundred twenty seven (727) student referrals through the HAWKS Program. One hundred and fifty seven (157) of these referrals have been fifth through eighth grade students receiving academic and behavioral support.


In an effort to transition into a more efficient middle school schedule, and with the loss of the HAWKS Program, these students will benefit from the oversight of the dean of students. This individual will be available approximately one to two periods a day to make contact with students who may be at-risk, work with teachers in grades 5-8 on both academic and behavioral concerns, and communicate with the parents of these students on a regular basis. He will also be involved in the supervision of student activities in grades five through eight.


What will be the impact on students by closing the middle school and restructuring the entrances to the respective offices?


The district is restructuring the student grade levels from the current PK-3 in the elementary, 4-6 and some secondary classes in the middle school, and grades 7-12 in the current junior/senior high wings.  Parents will be able to find their children more quickly when picking them up early or from the clinic. The 2010-2011 design will enable all elementary grades to have the principal, Mrs. Janese Bibb, in the building at all times and the secondary principal, Mr. Larry Lagemann, will have all of his students in the current secondary wings. Both building level secretaries will have duties relating to the grade levels that their building level administrator is responsible for. The elementary office will be staffed during school hours; this is due to the middle school building being closed for the upcoming school year. The building level administrators will have better access to the classrooms which will allow quicker responses to disciplinary needs and improve the learning process.


Security was a priority with the renovation of the elementary school a few years ago and continued to be a concern with the renovation of the junior high/senior high wings.  Patrons listed this as an area that needed to be updated.  Changing times have created many concerns with respect to school security.  Each building office will be located at the point of entry for parents and guests who require access to the learning environment.


Where will my child’s classroom be located next year?


Currently, classroom assignments and office assignments are being worked out.

The elementary office will be located through the front doors of the school building. This is where the current superintendent’s office is located.  The placement of the elementary office will create a more efficient and secure building structure for the district. The elementary secretary will remain in the office so that parents will be able to check their elementary children in and out through the office. Teachers will have direct access to the elementary secretary through the phone systems.  


Anyone needing to access the secondary office will do so by entering through the rear doors of the campus. This will bring them right into the secondary office and this will direct the flow of guests into the office that they need services from.


My child sees the counselor on a regular basis. Will he/she have access to a certified counselor next year?


The loss of a counselor, leaving the district with one K-12 counselor, will result in the counseling office being moved to a central location near the current nurse’s office.  This will allow the present secondary counselor’s office to be moved from the stage to a handicap accessible site.  Secondary students will be able to access the counselor through the breezeway.  Elementary students will still receive small group counseling and classroom lessons in accord with the Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Program.  However, they will get half the visits they are currently receiving. Mrs. Beth Holland will be assuming the K-12 counseling position and is certified through the State of Missouri as a K-12 school counselor.


The school nurse, Mrs. Darlene Tepen, and Mrs. Beth Holland will continue to be centrally located to all students and staff.  These individuals will be available, as in past years, to help with student concerns and issues. Parents will be able to access either of these related services, nurse or counselor, by phone or through either of the building level offices.


Secondary students, as in previous years, will be required to check in with the secretary at the secondary office before entering the elementary building for counseling or nursing services.


I have heard that the district is not replacing several teachers in the core subjects.


The district is working to be efficient in maintaining consistent class sizes. Several of these classes did not have the necessary enrollment that would allow us to continue to offer them.  These classes may be available through ITV or other sources that would allow the district to realize a savings by accessing an alternative method of learning.


Restructuring the middle level students has allowed for two positions to be absorbed over the past two years. Current staff members will continue to be on staff in various areas throughout the master schedule. Over time it might be necessary to add or delete courses based on the majority of student’s needs. It will have to be a priority based on needs, state requirements, and adequate enrollment.


But why is a business teacher being added?


It is necessary to have an additional course of study to meet student’s needs. Simplistically, students need credits to meet the graduation requirements. In reviewing state suggestions, guidelines, and deficiencies noted in recent graduating trends across the country, the decision of a business addition seemed logical.


A personal finance class is now a requirement through the State of Missouri. This position will help strengthen both personal finance skills, business related competencies, and exposure to these concepts by more students in the district.


Will Clopton offer any courses for college credit?


The administrative staff at Clopton is working closely with Hannibal LaGrange College to offer approximately twenty-four hours of college credit to seniors. The students will be enrolled in a concurrent program at Hannibal LaGrange and Clopton. The sending schools to Pike Lincoln Technical Center (PLTC) are also involved in this joint venture. PLTC will be the host site for these courses. Students will be bussed to the PLTC Campus and then bussed back before lunch to the Clopton Campus.  Several dual credit courses will still be offered on the Clopton campus either through regular classroom instruction or ITV classes.








What will the Hannibal LaGrange courses cost?


The college courses are offered at a reduced rate to high school students at the PLTC Campus. The cost is expected to be approximately $85.00 per credit hour. There will also be fees each semester. These fees and the per hour cost are set by the college.


Additional information may be found on the HLG website at:





What is the relationship between Clopton and Pike Lincoln Technical Center (PLTC)?


The Pike County R-III School District is the fiscal agent for The Pike Lincoln Technical Center. This was set up back in the 1970’s when PLTC was formed. The Director, Ms. Krista Flowers, coordinates closely with all seven sending school districts that PLTC serves.


PLTC is a leader in adult education across the tri-county area. Currently, PLTC, under the direction of Ms. Flowers, has been approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing to partner with Hannibal LaGrange College to offer a LPN to RN bridge program.


What school districts does PLTC serve?


Bowling Green R-I, Louisiana R-II, Clopton R-III

Silex R-I, Elsberry R-II, Troy R-III, Winfield R-IV 


The Clopton High School Students that attend PLTC attend at no tuition or fees being charged back to the district.


Why has the district not cut all extra-curricular activities?


A cost analysis has been run on nearly all extra-curriculum activities. After talking with the various booster organizations, each has made a commitment to help cover a portion of the costs for the upcoming school year. It is important to have a well rounded education for the student body. The community and parents have shown a great commitment and interest in continuing these activities for the children.


Under the rules of the Missouri High School Activities Association (MSHAA), cutting a portion of various student activities may automatically exclude other student groups from performing and competing beyond the local level.


What is the district asking of the booster organizations?


The board of education, administration, and all employees at Clopton are working very hard to streamline the services that students will receive and continue to maintain the excellent quality of education that our patrons are accustomed to.  The Pike County R-III School District has a long standing tradition of academic and extra-curricular success at the local and state levels. Many will be asked to do more with a lot less. The Clopton booster organizations are the most supportive and hard working groups around.  Each group has committed to cover even more cost in the 2010-2011 school year.  They will cover expenses that the district has covered in the past.  Each of these groups will be covering around $6,000 each.  The loss of nearly forty-two percent of local revenue, and the loss of revenue from the state that all local schools are seeing, has created an even more difficult situation for the district. 


Has the school calendar been set for the 2010-2011 school year?


The school calendar has been set.  Dates of interest are:


First Student Day                   August 16

Labor Day                               September 6

Thanksgiving Break                November 25, 26

Christmas Break                      December 20-January 3(staff); December 20–January 4 (students)

Martin Luther King Jr.            January 17

Presidents Day                        February 21

Spring Break                           March 21-25

Easter Break                            April 22, 25

Last Student Day                    May 20


Is bullying a problem at Clopton?


Bullying is a problem in all areas of society today. There are occurrences of bullying at Clopton at nearly every age level. The district addresses these issues through the use of the discipline policy, the district counselors, and by involving parents. Students are encouraged to approach faculty, staff, and administrators to recount the details of the events that they have experienced. It is essential that this is done as soon as possible. The district personnel strive to become even more effective in dealing with all student related issues.


What is the plan for Parents As Teachers (P.A.T.)?


The district is committed to support the P.A.T. Program at the level that the state funds the program. Clopton has a very strong commitment to early childhood education and intervention. It hurts to consider a decrease in the level of services that are provided. However, staying as close as possible to the level of funding and controlling expenditures is essential in being fiscally responsible agents of our patrons.


What is the structure of the Little Hawk’s Preschool Program?


The Little Hawk’s Preschool Program will be offered on Monday and Friday for the upcoming school year. Priority will be given to students diagnosed with special needs and children one year away from kindergarten.  This is a fee based program and supported through tuition and state special education funds.  Monday and Friday were set as the days the program is being offered due to specific state guidelines relating to special education needs.


Is the construction on the Clopton and Pike-Lincoln Technical School Complete?


The construction process at each campus will be complete when the finish grading on both campuses is done. This is weather dependent. All educational aspects are and have been totally functional for the majority of the academic school year. As of June 4, 2010, the finish grading process is approximately half of the way done.









Will the tradition of academic excellence be carried on at Clopton?


Clopton continues to graduate students who are well prepared for life, whether it is a specific job field, vocation, or more advanced schooling. Clopton students and staff worked hard to earn the 2009-2010 Distinction in Performance Award. With the issuance of No Child Left Behind at the federal level, each and every child is expected to read at or above grade level in a given timeframe. This does not allow for any accommodations with respect to learning disability, personal strengths or weaknesses.


What is the long range plan for the district?


At this point, the long range plan is to maintain the most fiscally responsible district and keep the integrity of the current academic program.


We expect many changes to be made at the state level with respect to school finance through the end of June. At this point, we hope to have more accurate information from the State of Missouri. It may be necessary to cut even more in the future. The consistent declining revenues at the state level, paired with the forty-two percent (42%) loss at the local level, may become even more insurmountable amounts at Clopton.


The greatest financial support has come from the patrons/taxpayers of the district.   This hardship comes at a difficult time.  Many have lost jobs and are facing an increased tax liability from all entities in a struggling economy.  It may be necessary to ask for additional support from local patrons.  The current state formula does not offer for recoupment of the 42% loss in revenue. The district would have to cut more that 42% of the programs, services, and staffing to amount to this savings. This act would be catastrophic to the district.  Consider the impact of class sizes doubling.


The positive input and support of all patrons is needed through these difficult times.   


Please access the tab on our website, send a note, or call the superintendent’s office with your questions.  Your name and contact information is most helpful. Please list how you can be contacted.  We want to provide accurate information to the patrons of the district. Transparency is important as educational decisions are made.  Rumors and half-truths are harmful to our students.  Even some who are or have been closely associated with the district may not have the most up-to-date information. We need your help to protect the students from unnecessary stress and hardship from misinformation.  Rely on official communications from the locally elected board of education and the district itself.